Have you ever seen a pageant contest figure ice skate for the talent portion of the competition?

I hadn’t, until I saw Miss Bay County, Alicia McInerney from Bay City perform this routine to “Human” by Natalie Merchant.

McInerney is one of 31 young women vying for the title of Miss Michigan, which I’ve been covering all week.

When we heard about her talent from our colleagues over at the Bay City hub, we were intrigued. Not only was she performing an interesting talent at a pageant, but she was doing it in the city’s historic theater - and we had no idea how she was going to pull it off.

So we asked her, and she told us.


Just great. Also, love the use of sound and music remix. Well done.


A Brief History of Video Games (by polygon)

omg, waaayy too much fun.



WNYC sees your two cats and raises you two sad chihuahuas…..

Waiting to hear from KQED….



Ben gets emotional at the end:

Let’s *frakin’* do it, I’m done…


Human-assisted Reporting

Ben Welsh from The LA Times at ISOJ 2012

"Ain’t No Way" by Aretha Franklin

Kind of obsessed with this song right now. Perfect for gray, rainy days like today.

Pretty cool video that tracks where readers of the New York Times' website come from, how they access the website, and how the site's traffic changes throughout the day.