The idea is not to charge college students for access to their own schools’ newspapers, but to get people accessing the websites from outside the college community to pay for access or just throw in a few bucks when they like an article. Press+ is also promoting its offerings for college newspapers as a way for student journalists to learn about career journalism. “This generation needs to find new revenue streams, including new ways to collect revenues from the readers who get the most value from access,” said Press+ co-founder Gordon Crovitz.

Great idea, but one question: If you have to pay for access to content, that means you can’t email your clips to editors/internship prospects, huh?


Twitter Brawl For Wednesday, May 11th. Back in the day, people in government could only express their differences at formal debates or if they happened to see each other at a coffee cart by City Hall. But now they can fight it out whenever, wherever, and we get to witness it all! A Twitter Tift broke out today between Your Public Advocate, Bill de Blasio, and Mayor Bloomberg’s Public Advocate, Howard Wolfson, and boy, is it catty. The two are former co-workers (they both worked on Hillary Clinton’s Senate campaign in 2000), but there’s no love today as they go back and forth over education cuts. I’m sure this will end soon so Howie can go back to discussing the majestic ‘be-bo-bap” in Paul Simon’s newest album, but I’m enjoying it too much to think it will be over. Who do you agree with? And how can we keep this going?


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Haha, this came up at DeBlasio’s visit to CUNY earlier this evening. My prof asked DeBlasio a question about LIFO he was like, “Well actually, on Twitter today…”

"I believe the journalism education industry needs to massively take a look at itself and re-educate the educators, and without the help of an organization like Knight or RJI they’ll probably never do it, or do it fast enough."
Will Sullivan, on a problem at many institutions: profs who turn their nose up at digital tools.